Fish Feeding Guidelines

  • Offer as ONLY as much food as your fish will eat in 2 minutes. Food should not settle to the bottom of the tank before getting eaten. If it does, most likely you have given too much food. Provide pre-thawed krill (pink shrimp), silversides (anchovie like fish), pellets, or flake food for herbivores.
  • Feed your food in very small portions over the 2-minute period. If any food is left over after this time, you are an over feeder.


Some foods, such as lettuce and spinach, are nibbled over time, so the 2-minute rule does not apply.

  • Always feed your fish at the same spot in the tank. This lets you sneak food down to the bottom dwellers, while the surface fish are distracted.
  • Don't overfeed the fish, no matter how much you think they need more food. Overeating stresses your fish and causes detritus to accumulate in the tank, degrading water quality. A great rule of thumb on how much to feed them, is the size of their eyes. Take a look at the sizes of each fish, each one receive no more than the size of one of their eyes. This may sound like not enough, but if necessary, you can always add more later. I haven’t seen a fish starve to death yet.
  • Overfeeding is the number one cause of algae problems when all of your water quality levels are in check. The first sigh is excessive algae growth.
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